Does It Make More Sense for Sales Reps to Buy Leads or Focus on Organic Lead Generation?

By | June 6, 2019

Because a sales representative always wants a list of potential customers to contact, it can be tempting to Buy Leads when the list runs short. An inexperienced sales rep may be especially inclined to try this strategy because it takes time to generate leads organically. Many sales reps work on commission only or a partial commission basis with a limited salary. They naturally want to start earning consistent money through sales as soon as possible.

The Problem With Purchased Leads

Buying leads poses the problem of having to contact people who have never expressed interest in this specific organization’s products and services. The lead may have been generated because a person indicated interest in a similar product or service, or visited certain websites. However, these types of leads tend to be ineffective. A primary problem is that the individual realizes that his or her information has been sold to another company, and that is bothersome.

Inbound Marketing

The most effective type of lead generation is accomplished through inbound marketing. For instance, people come to a website and accept the offer to receive newsletters or other types of emails from the organization. They might type in their name and email address to receive product information, or they might provide a postal address if they want to receive a printed catalog.


There are many effective ways to attract people to a website and entice them to provide their contact details. One is to provide useful, interesting written content and to update the site regularly with more blogs and articles. An attractive, professional website lets viewers feel that the organization is trustworthy. In contrast, typos and poor organization of information and graphics is not reassuring.

The Problem With Digital Advertising

Although some organizations worry that these efforts cost too much money, the strategies tend to be less expensive and more effective than digital advertising. People quickly learned to tune out ads they see online for the most part, and many Internet users have ad blockers in place. Internet users tend to see digital ads as intrusive and irritating, and sometimes downright creepy when it’s obvious a person’s Web usage has been tracked.